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There are many kinds of dreams. Instant ones, that when you wake up, you don’t even remember. Fantasy ones, that make you fly with your feet on the ground. Driving ones, that make you follow a path in your life, and some others that are so deeply anchored inside yourself that make you believe you were made to do that.

This is the story of our dream, of our reality.

Two brothers around the world.

It sounds simple, but it has been an interesting process, from that picture that we draw when we were 7 years old, to the actual fact of turning on the engine of this adventure. We needed a sparkler. We had always been brothers and friends, but it was only a few years ago, in the fish market of Bergen (Norway) that we became something more, a unit. There, we worked as hard as we could to save money to finish our studies, and discover that together we were capable of anything. We also met some real travellers and outsiders that made us change our way of looking at things. There, in this wet and lovely city, the seed started growing.

We had to live the nomad way, and we had to do it together.

After a couple of years of working in our respective fields, we had saved enough money to buy our truck and turn it into our home, or at least the maximum we could do before leaving… We called it Moby Dick.

And on the 7th of January 2018, we left our hometown without knowing when we would be back. Since then, many things have happened, some of them we would like to share with you.

We are Guim and Elià, and this is our trip around the world.

Hope you will enjoy it.


  1. Anushmita Shaw

    your story is really inspiring….your dedication and determination makes your aim…nice to meet with you…..we are talking almost 1year…but i have checked the story about your passion just now…really touchy story…God bless you and have a prosperous journey…have a wounderful life ☺…its Ena…

  2. Okram Rohen Singh

    Nice meeting with you both.

  3. Okram Rohen Singh

    Are you both driving down towards Myanmar? Pl remembe that We r waiting for you both at Wangjing, Thoubal District.

  4. Stark

    I see you guys in front of my car. I hope we can meet some day. I’ve ever dreamed like that I also wanna go around the would .Have a nice journey in Myanamar.

    • admin

      Thank you to follow us form the car! it’s always nice to be an inspiration to someone. Hope you can fulfil your dreams one day.

  5. Thanks for coming in H&n Campsite. Hope you will show the world where we are.. just remember , Smile always Guys…

    Like a box of chocolate…

  6. John

    Hi Bro, i saw your truck park nearby my office, Glenmarie Shah Alam. Have a safe journey 👍🏻

  7. rahyani

    I hope your dream can be completed well. InshaAllah.
    with Allah’s permission
    I was able to meet you Guim in Malaysia yesterday.😁👍

  8. Clara

    Hola, soy prima de Silvia Moron, que me envio la informacion de vuestro viaje. Que idea fabulosa!!! Sigan, buena suerte y felicitaciones, lo que estan haciendo es maravilloso!!!

  9. Hesam

    Dear Friends,

    I hope you are ok and many thanks for your itinerary report. I am going to visit Turkmenistan by my own car entering from Iran. Please let me know how and where should we camp in Ashgabat, as we are not going to go to hotel at all. Please advise me i this issue.

    All the Best.


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