In this How-To we are going to explain what is and how does works the famous Carnet de Passage en Douanes (CdP) that you will need to travel certain countries with your own vehicle.

What is a CdP?

The Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) is a document that identifies your motor vehicle. It’s like a passport for your vehicle (bike, car, van or truck. No bicycle)..

The Carnet allows you to temporarily drive your vehicle around these countries without having to pay the duty and taxes.

Why do I need a CdP?

This Carnet is required in order to take a motor vehicle into a significant number of countries around the world (Check out the list on the back of your carnet).  So you are not getting in these countries with your vehicle without the Carnet unless you are ready to pay an enormous amount of money at the border that most luckly you are not gonna see never again.

How do I get one?

You need to contact the Automobil Association (AA) of your country who are the ones who rules this carnet.

A CdP have these look and it has a low cost (200-400€ depends on the country) but an enormous deposit (2000-9000€ depends on the vehicle) that once you are back in your country you get back if everything is in order in your carnet.

The Carnet de Passage is valid for 1 year, and depending on your AA it can be used for either 10 or 25 countries.

Every county has differents rules and prices so better check it well in your AA.

How does it works?

Once you are at the border of one of these countries they will provide you an entry stamp and once you are leaving the country they will stamp you the exit one.

This is very very important to get you deposit back once you give back your carnet to the Automobible club in your country.

If you lose it, it get stolen or your car breaks. Better contact streigh away the office where you made you carnet, we have heard people who had to wait for 7 years to get their deposit back.

We are taking pictures of every stamp just in case anything happens, it will be easy to prove we didn’t sell the van.