From Sarpi (Turkey) to Batumi (Georgia).
Cooking time: 3hours. 
Difficulty: 2/5.

Dish introduction

Quite an appetizing dish. Long but easy to get ready. No big trick ahead. Turn on the football channel while you are cooking for some nice talks with the police.


  • Passport.
  • Turkey Evisa.
  • Car papers.
  • Bring some cash for Georgian Car insurance.
  • Prudence on your driving in Georgia side, they don’t give a shit.


-1st Step; Exisitng Turkey

  • Once you get at the Turkey border they are going to split driver from passenger.
  • The driver is gonna face a long queue, probably 1 hour to do 100m (proud of Usain Bolt). To do just a passport-car papers-Turkey Visa -quick check. Still wondering why it took 1 hour.
  • The pedestrian is gonna face again a long queue, you might see all the locals with a fill-up paper coming from another eternal queue. Just ignore it and keep in the main queue. You are a foreigner so act like it and pretend you don’t understand the basics orders.
  • Without this paper you will get to the passport control, they are gonna look you weird/angry because you didn’t fill-up any paper, but after a quick passport-visa control you are good to leave Turkey. Easy -peasy, just long.
  • Before getting to the Georgia border the diver and the passenger are gonna catch up again.

-2n Step; Welcome to Georgia

  • Once everyone is in the car again, is time to face another endless queue.
  • Some police might come to check your car. As long you don’t bring alcohol or drugs, or they don’t find them, it’s not taking long.
  • From the car itself, you can hand your passport and car documents.
  • After some minutes they are will stamp your passport and you are good to go to get your car insurance right after the border (green card doesn’t work in Georgia).
  • Car insurance is, apart from recommendable, obligatory in Georgia (If the police catch you without it they can fine you with 100-200 GEL)
  • Right after the border, under a big tree, you will find this company. In this web site, you can find all the information you need.
  • If for any change you miss it, is close or electricity is not working; 10 km ahead you can find a Gulf Petrol Station. Where it’s also possible to do.

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • It doesn’t matter you don’t know about football or you don’t care. In this country, people are crazy about it, specially Barça. So even you are from another place, just say you come from Barcelona, it will really help in the police’s controls; They will stop checking everything and start talking about Leo Messi.
  • It is easier to exchange money in Georgia side. There is also ATM available there.
  • Petrol is cheaper in Georgia than in Turkey. But anyway double check it in case it changed.
  • Try not to die on the first meeitng with Georgia driving methods.