From Kakarbhitta (Nepal) to Siliguri (India)
Cooking time: 2hours 
Difficulty: 1/5

Introduction dish

A simple and economic dish, for a everyday life. Straight forward and quick.


  • Carnet de passage
  • Passports
  • Nepal entry stamp abs visa not expired.
  • Indian visa
  • Resistance to Indian horn blowing.
  • No cash needed at all.


-1st Step; Exiting Nepal

  • Easy entrance, when you get into the arcade entrance at your left there is a metal gate, people are probably going to guide you there. Once inside park your vehicle and go walking to the massive and underused building.
  • First facility is the costumes, there they are goanna stamp your Carnet. Fast and easy.
  • From there you have to walk to the next door and enter to immigration, where they are goann make you fill up a form like the ones on the airports. Then they will put a little and quite exit stamp in your passport and you are ready to go.
Cross with your vehicle the river that acts as a border and after 1 km; welcome to India!

-2nd Step; Welcome to Indian, the land of horning.

  • After the bridge there is a quick passport control. There, a part from writing down your details, they are gonna Inform you where the rest of oficines are, and you have to be motivated to find them, specially if it’s night time. Is a border that you easily can cross without getting any stamp. So make sure you get them all.
  • On your right you will find first the customs where they will efficiently stamp your Carnet the passage.
  • 150 meters ahead and getting inside of a road on your right you will find the immigration office, is quite hidden but when you get there you will know it thanks to the massive blue sign with light!, just fill up a form, answer few questions and you get your passport stamped.
  • Just go back to your vehicle and if you are lucky someone not much motivated is goanna ask for your passport stamped, otherwise you can just leave…

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • the exchange rate is better on the Nepal side, so if you have any extra rupees exchange them before. Otherwise, you will have another opportunity in the Indian side.
  • It’s open from 6 am to 10 pm, and it’s very easy crossing, so you will have a flexible timing to cross.