From Banbasa (India) to Bhimdatta (Nepal)
Cooking time; 1-2 hours
Difficulty; 1/5

Introduction dish

At this point and after crossing India you are probably an expert chef! Well, now is time to enjoy and easy cooking dish, a little main course that will delight your taste and make enjoy every subtlety.


  • Carnet de passage with the entry stamp of India.
  • Passport
  • Indian visa not expired.
  • Car papers.
  • 50-100 Indian rupees in cash.
  • 30-100 dollars in cash (depends on the visa you want to apply)
  • 1 passport sizes pictures.
  • A big smile on your face!

-1st step; Exiting India.

  • Luckily the last 70 km of the road coming from Rishikesh is not as horrible as the rest of the way. Though the roads in the border area are dramatic again.
  • You will arrive at a nice bridge and damp right on the border crossing the Mahakali river. After crossing the first small bridge you will be stopped, and you will be asked to pay some money for a yellow paper that still now we don’t know what is it for. And the price will be quite unclear and definitely not official. They charged us 55 rupees for having 6 wheels. Nevertheless, everyone has this paper so you better get it.
  • The second bridge is seriously narrow, and though they control the traffic there is always some motorbike that will be there to mess it up. So after waiting for your turn get ready to get tight. Especially if you are driving a big truck like us.
  • The first building you will find on your right is the immigration office, time to get your passports stamped, and be registered on a thick book.
  • Next building is the costums office, there is where you will get your exit stamp for your Carnet de passage! Very friendly people!
  • Driving a little more meters you will find the liggadfe control and another passport and car papers registration. Very very ligh car check!
Time to drive trough 2km of no-mans land, but beautiful land with lots of people chilling out. It doesn't really seems a border.

-2nd step welcome to Nepal

  • Is hard to know exactly when you are in the border, it just looks like a town, with shops, hotels and all and all… but when the concrit road starts you will find very soon on your left the imigration office.
  • Important step this one; once in the office, you have to buy your Visa, right on arrival, and pay with USD in cash. Depends on your nationality and the duration of your stay. It will go from 25$ to 100$.  And they will stick your visa and stamp the entrance. See the Nepal Visa post.
  • After that you cross with your veichle a little registration office, and they are not even goanna check your car.
  • At the end of the border on your right there is the costumes office, where they are goanna stamped your Carnet de passage, you will have to ask for it, other wise they are not really concerned about it. It is not mandatory to have carnet de passage in Nepal.
Buy some beer right in the border and celebrate the entrance to Nepal!

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • Is the most chillout border we had crossed. But always keep the alert on! Check the dates of your visas, and that all the stamps are in order.
  • As the insurance is not mandatory we had driven all the time without it. Anyway is hard to believe that it can help in this country.
  • In Bhimdatta, the first big town you find after the border, you can buy some SIM card, and find an ATM.
  • Opening times from 6 am to 19 pm. 7 days a week. ( or at least it was like that on November 2018)