From Tashurgan (China) to Sost (Pakistan)
Cooking time: 1 day.
Difficulty: 2/5 with profetional help.

Dish introduction

An easy dish, especially coming from the high “cousin” of China, that we assumed without guide is impossible. Just enjoy the road and the views, and the smile and the welcoming of the Pakistan officers will make this a perfect lazy breakfast cooking session!


  • Chinesse agancy to cross China.
  • Carnet de passage.
  • Passport.
  • Pakistan visa.
  • Car papers.
  • 8 dollars cash per person.


-1st step. Exiting china.

  • Hard to explain. In that one, you will have to follow the professionals and let the agency guide do his job. You have to know your limitations. Many few tried to cross China self-driving on their own. Not sure if it’s recommendable, even possible, we spend three days of paperwork for two days driving, and we had our chimes speaking guide working at 10000 rpm.
  • ust to say that you will have to pass two passport controls on your own since you leave your guide at Tashurgan. The last one is placed on the highest international border control. The Khunjerab at 4880m altitude. Big contrast; in the Chinese side photos are forbidden, and 5 meters ahead there are all the Pakistani tourist shooting fotos like if it would be the oscars ceremony, and they would be the fotographer for the newyork times!

Enjoy your right side driving for the last time in a while.
After crossing this high pass betr you go to left line. 

2nd step. Welcome to Pakistan

  • Just after crossing the border there is one small control, is not the costumes. You need to drive for a while.
  • As the Chinese border, the costumes and passport office is at the very end of an enjoyable road (Karakolum High Way). In Sost. They close around 16 so try not to take it too long in the road otherwise you will need to come back on the morning to do all the paperwork.
  • On the way to the border, you will face some passport and visa registration, but you won’t get your stamp till the end.
  • This road is crossing a National Park, so at some point, you will have to pay the 8 dollars entrance fee per person. No option to bargain. Is possible to pay with Chinese currency or Pakistani.
  • Once you get at Sost village you will get in without any problem, actually, you need to find the police officer (left side of the road) to get your stamp and carnet de passage stamped. Seams this country doesn’t care much about controls.
  • The first thing you are gonna hear from Pakistani police and locals is “Welcome to Pakistan“. After that, all is easy and smooth.
  • Make sure they stamp your Carnet de Passage before leaving.
  • No car checking at all.
  • No one cared about our transit visa from Iran. (See our Pakistan Visa report)
  • You are good to go. Enjoy the colourful trucks and their lovely people.

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • Take it easy in the Chinese border and let your guide do his job. It can be a real nightmare if you are willing to understand their system.
  • Hide big knife, the Chinese are crazy about them. No worries at all in Pakistani side.
  • Expect the full day to do the hole crossing.
  • Do not enter Pakistan without your Carnet de Passage stamped! You can lose all de deposit back in your country or wait for 7 years to get it back!