From Red Bridge (Georgia) to Shakli (Azerbaijan)
Cooking time 3 hours.
Difficulty 2/5

Introduction Dish

Not for begginers, but not so diffcult if you know what to cook. Slow and stady you will win the race.


  • Passport.
  • Car papers.
  • Georgian car insurance printed.
  • Green card if you have one.
  • 41 Manats.


-1st Step Exiting Georgia

  • Probably you are not gonna find much traffic if you get there late evening.
  • At the border control you have to hand the passport and the car documents from the car, no need to stop even the engine.
  • They are gonna check if you are in the car insurance system from their computer. Eventually, they can ask you to show the car insurance in a paper, so bring it. As we had our one 4 days expired we were not in the system, but it looked enough to show them the expired documentation without many questions.
  • If they don’t find any problem with your car insurance you are good to go to the Azerbaijan border.

-2n Step Welcome to Azerbaijan

  • It’s a friendly border but extremely slow. To check the 2 cars ahead they took 50min.
  • They will check how many passengers are in the vehicle and give you a red card with this number.
  • After parking the vehicle wherever they told you, you can get your passport stamp after some photos.
  • In the customs declaration, the will ask for your green card. If you have none or it’s expired they can provide a mandatory one for a 30 days validity for 40 Manats charge.
  • You have to pay it in a bank placed in the same area, probably they will charge you one extra manat for “services”.
  • Once you get the insurance done they will change your red card for a yellow one. Whatever that does means.
  • Within all the papers they give you there is one with a barcode, They don’t tell you but this one is super-mega-ultra important to exit the country.
  • They may chack your vehicle if they feel like it. Otherwise you are good to go to the last gate, where thay are gonna ask you for this barcode paper and probably tell you not to go to Iran,

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • Try to have the Georgian insurance not “too” expired. You take the risk.
  • The green card works dor Azerbaijan.
  • Don’t lose the barcode they give you in the Azerbaijan border.
  • No drones allowed, hide it well.
  • If you are willing to stay more than 10 days in the country with your vehicle, you have to register yourself at any police office.