From Dashoguz (Turkmenistan) to Urgench (Uzbekistan) 
Cooking time3 hours
Difficulty; 4/5

Dish introduction

This one is an especial dish, it has a mix of the two eccentric countries, full of little subtlety and special spices we are sure you will enjoy it the most.


  • Passport.
  • Turkmenistan Visa not expired. 
  • Uzbekistan Visa. Be aware is date specific, meaning you cannot enter before the date is written on your visa.
  • Car papers.
  • The GPS gave to you at the entrance of Turkmenistan,
  • The route plan gave to you at the entrance of Turkmenistan.
  • No money needed; You don’t need to pay anything all in either of both sides.
  • A good pinch of patients and good maneers.


-1st Step. Exiting Turkmenistan.

  • Right in the border you may find a huge queue of cars, don’t you worry, so you just have to jump off your car and say the magic word “tourist”(If it’s still not obvious). Then you can skip this queue and probably the next one to park your vehicle in front of the luggage check. (Some advantage to be a tourist after crossing their sandy country).
  • Get out take all your papers, fill in a form they give you. It does exist in English, so you don’t need their help. If someone asks you to pay anything they are cheating. Just don’t pay. Ask other soldier and eventually ask for the superior.
  • Plenty of young soldiers ready to help to take you inside, jumping again a massive queue (just look friendly to all these people it’s been waiting for hours). There they are gonna check your paper of route plan.
  • Out of the main building into a small office, they will ask for your GPS and the paper they gave you with it and the form you just filled up. You can try to get back the money you paid for the GPS, but they insist is not a deposit is a rent. (First time someone forced us to rent something!!!)
  • And then wait they come to check your vehicle… Take it easy, they can make you wait for an hour before checking it.
  • A quick check of the interior and some random questions, we got lucky here, we know from someone they emptied the entire car.
  • You go to the immigration register and is there where you get your passport stamped finally.
  • Last door to pas with a quick passport control, and off you are.

…2 km of nomans land…

-2nd Step; Welcome to Uzbekistan

  • Right away there is another queue to be jumped with the tourist technique.
  • Before getting in the vehicle, you have to pass by a car registration; so you have to bring your car documents. When the registration is done you can proceed to drive your car through a little swimming pool for some kind of disinfection.
  • Leave the car in the luggage check and go to the passport control. You will get your passport stamp and you have to fill in a form, with the common questions. Then they are gonna fill in a really detail costumes declaration, with all the specific details of your car.
  • Then a proper check with dogs and mirrors of the vehicle, and you are good to go if they don’t find anything illegal (go to Tips).
  • It’s easy and cheap to make a car insurance in Urgench. For 15 days we paid 10000SOM. This is the locations where we made it 41º33’47.23″N, 60º37’17.21″.

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • Don’t stress if they make pass your car by a 12 cm swimming pool, is to disinfect, whatever you are infected off.
  • Say the world tourist every time you have a massive queue in front of you.
  • Do not pay to any guard, no need. They will try to though.
  • In both borders they are really not in a hurry, so don’t get stress, is gonna take a while!
  • Don’t say you have much cash, you may have to pay some tax otherwise.
  • No drones allowed in this country, so hide them well and always say NO if they ask for. Same rule for parachutes (we were asked for…),
  • Easy to change money at the Uzbek site.
  • Many common painkillers, sleeping drugs and anxiety blockers are illegal in Uzbekistan. Codeine is a common component of many painkillers but is highly illegal in Uzbekistan. Benzodiazepines and sleeping drugs you own are probably also illegal. The full list of substances illegal or restricted is available here.
  • To don’t get too long with all the medicine check, you can have a small first aid box somewhere easy to find with nothing else than some stitches and scissors. Always works for us.