- We are holding a Spanish passport, so all this info is based on that (UE is mostly the same).
- Applied Visa in Iran (Theran).
- 3 days needed to get the transit visa.

Dish introduction

There are 2 main options to cook this dish;
The first and the most recommended one is to get this visa back home (we give you some tips at the end of the post).
The second one is to get a transit visa in Tehran which allows you to cross Pakistan in 14 days just from Iran.
We will resume the second recipe with the extra taste of entering via China and how to extend this visa in two different ways.


  • Passport with validity of at least 6 months and 2 empty pages.
  • Passport photocopy with every single page with any visa!
  • 1 passport photo size.
  • Letter of no objection, as they do not trust the validity of your passport you have to go to your own embassy in Tehran and ask for a letter of no objection; It’s just a simple paper confirming the validity of your passport from your embassy, it shouldn’t take more than one day.
  • 12$ cash to pay at the bank.
  • An exit visa in your passport of any country that borders Pakistan but Iran (So China or India), remember you are asking for a transit visa, so you need to exit Pakistan, so they ask for this visa. Doesn’t count if you have an E-visa, they ask for a printed visa in your passport.
  • A pen to fill up a form they hand you at the embassy.
Pakistan Embassy location (35°42′48.21″N 51°23′05.85″E).
- Bank location (They will provide it to you). 
- Opening hours; Early morning with no fix schedule. After 14h close. Thursday and Fridays close.


  • Once you get all the ingredients in order, it is a simple dish.
  • Show up at the embassy early morning though you never know when they are gonna attend you.
  • Fill up all the info they give you and hand to them all the ingredients you have.
  • Go to the bank to pay 12$ cash.
  • Wait for 3 days (We hurry them a bit and they made it the same day).
  • There you go! Your transit visa for Pakistan is ready. This means you need to go from one country to another through Pakistan. You cannot go back to the same country you came from on a transit visa.
  • Theoricly this visa just allowed you to cross from Iran, but we manage to do it from China with no problem at all.
1ST Option and the most common one it to go to Directorate General Immigration and Passport Headquarter in Islamabad (33º41'11.1"N, 73º02'51.47"E), take a better look at this website.
2n option if the first one for some reason didn't work (like it happened to us due a long bank holiday), is to get an EXIR PERMIT form the Section Visa Officer named Zurghan Shehzad in Ministry of Interior (33º44'02.79"N73º05'39.2E"), it will definitely help if you tell him you love Barcelona, you have lived there or your uncle is from there. He is crazy about Barcelona and thanks to that he decided to help us.

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • This is our story, it may change fromembassy to embassy, day to day, nationality to nationality… So double check all this info. For this visa, we were using the useful information of Caravanistan.
  • The guy in the embassy is really friendly and willing to help within the legality. The ambassador is also a fan of backpackers. He told us to use this visa to cross from China though it is not allowed. “People from the border wouldn’t know this law,” He said.
  • Try to get in touch with actual travellers in forums and real life. It’s a huge community ready to help. There are lots of forums on the internet.
  • Be there before opening to avoid a queue.
  • You don’t need to go suit up but try to avoid shorts and flip-flops. The first impression might help for any issue you could face.

Some tips to do this visa back home

  • They will probably issue 30 days visa with 1-year validity.
    This means you have to enter the country within 1 year from receiving it. So, you can enter the day before the visa expires, and then still enjoy Pakistan for 30 days and easily extended in Islamabad or Lahore.
  • For this visa you need a LOI (Letter of Invitation), we invite you to contact our friend Nazim from Pakistan. He is the coolest guy ever and will issue free LOI to everyone how asks him.
  • We heard you cannot just send your passport to the embassy, you need to go by yourself, so it could be quite anoying if you are already on the road (Like we where). Then eather you fly back or you try our recipie on Transit visa in Teheran.