- We are holding a Spanish passport, so all this info is based on that (UE is mostly the same).
- Applied Visa in Iran (Tehran).
- 10 days needed to get the visa.

Dish introduction

It’s probably one of the most feared dishes on the menu, mostly for the number of rejections on the past. There are many different stories about this dish, but one thing is true; Since 2018 it has been much easier to get the visa in Tehran. Well, here we give you one recipe that worked smoothly and with a bit of stress and unknowing. Sharp your knife and make space on the kitchen top, is gonna get messy and you won’t know the taste until the very end!


  • Passport with validity of at least 6 months and 2 empty pages.
  • Colour Passport photocopy.
  • Visa photocopy of the countries your are gonna enter Turkmenistan and exit it, remember you are asking for a 5 days transit visa, so you need to enter and exit Turkmenistan within the 5 days you ask for, so they ask for these visas. Doesn’t count if you have an E-visa, they ask for a printed visa in your passport.
  • 1 passport photo size.
  • 55$ exact cash to pay at the embassy.
  • Letter of purpose.
  • A pen to fill up a form they hand you at the embassy and a glue to stick your photo in the form.
Turkmenistan Embassy location (35°48′17.3″N 51°27′08.52″E).
- Opening hours; 9-11 From Sunday to Thursday.


  • Get there without much stress, there is no queue because everyone stays outside; so if it’s cold, windy, raining or hot get ready.
  • The very first thing to do is collect the application form the will hand you at the little window.
  • Better you bring your own pen and glue.
  • Once it’s filled up with normal questions (any doubt the guy in the desk will help you out) you need to glue your photo in the same form and give all the ingredients to them but the dollars that you will pay when you collect your visa.
  • That is it, you will need to wait for at least 10 days to know if they accept your application. And that, unfortunately, it’s quite random. We have heard many stories and met people who was not accepted for no reasonable reason. But as we said since 2018 it has been much easier, but still, no guaranteed. We got them though.
  • They will give you one registration number and one telephone number to contact them after 10 days. These are not gonna be the most 10 pleasant days of your life but there is no much you can do about it, just wait.
  • Once they finally pick up the phone (it took us one full morning of calling) you give them your registration number and they will say YES or NO.
  • If they say no… back luck, there is no much you can do about it. So better change plans.
  • Most probably they will say yes and your 5 days transit visa for Turkmenistan is ready. This means you need to go from one country to another through Turkmenistan within these 5 days. You cannot go back to the same country you came from on a transit visa.
  • Then you can choose to collect the visa in the embassy at Tehran or at Mashad.
  • Remember you applied for 5 days transit visa (So far is the only option) and you need to be really accurate on these days on your Letter of Purpose. But if during these 10 waiting days you change your mind and you need to move the entry into their country some days (Not much!) you can tell them on the phone and once you go to pick up the visa they change it immediately.
  • When the day of picking up has arrived you have to give them 55$ in cash, better if it’s exact, and they will glue the visa in your passport. And you are ready to go to the Turkmenistan Border.

Tips to make this dish a bit more digestible

  • This is our story, it may change from embassy to embassy, day to day, nationality to nationality… So double check all this info. For this visa, we were using the useful information of the Turkmenistan embassy in Tehran and Caravanistan web site.
  • Try to get in touch with actual travellers in forums and real life. It’s a huge community ready to help. There are lots of forums on the internet.
  • Forget about Tourist Visa, it’s way too expensive and you need a guide that doesn’t move you freely around. You need to assume is a country you must cross.